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Lisa Simmons: Curating 20 Years of Diverse and Fiercely Independent Films

JUL. 30, 2018

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Roxbury International Film Festival

JUN. 29, 2018

It's So Hard to Date Around Boston Today.jpg

Performer’s Boyz II Men tribute about dating in Boston is hitting the Roxbury International Film Festival

JUN. 24, 2018

12 fun things to do in Boston this weekend

JUN. 20, 2018

Five Reasons to Leave the House This Weekend

JUN. 21, 2018

Lisa Simmons talks with host Maurice Wilkey

JUN. 23, 2018

In 'Black Memorabilia,' Boston Filmmaker Shows How Some Profit From Racist Objects

JUN. 20, 2018

The Story Behind Her Success Podcast: Lisa Simmons

JUN. 23, 2018

T’Challa Returns: ‘Black Panther’ hits the MFA on June 20

JUN. 18, 2018

MFA’s Juneteenth Community Day Commemorates End of Slavery

JUN. 20, 2018

SAG-AFTRA Sponsors the Roxbury International Film Festival, June 20-30

JUN. 23, 2018

Hot 96.9: Ramiro, Pebbles, Melissa & Wiggy: Shamier Anderson (Friday, 6/21)

JUN. 22, 2018

Breaking the silence in Roxbury

JUN. 14, 2018

"Como Seda Fina" Cortometraje De La Cultura Afro-Latina En Ee.Uu.

JUN. 12, 2018

The Roxbury International Film Festival turns 20

JUN. 8, 2018

Your guide to free outdoor movies in Boston this summer

JUN. 4, 2018

MFA Boston June Newsletter

JUN. 1, 2018

Roxbury International Film Festival Commemorates 20 Years of Independent Cinema Celebrating People of Color

MAY 29, 2018

Ken Lin's California Roll RoxFilm 2018.png

Ken Lin’s ‘California Roll’ to screen at the 20th Annual Roxbury International Film Festival (June 20-30) at the MFA

MAY 22, 2019

Behind the scenes of three of the Boston area’s historic movie theaters

APR. 24, 2018



JUN. 18, 2018

Lisa Simmons & Sakheni Dlamini join Urban Update. Hosted by Byron Barnett.

Aired MAR. 28, 2018.

The founder and director of the Roxbury International Film Festival, Lisa Simmons, talks about some of the films being shown locally June 20-29. Interview for BNN News.

FEB. 14, 2018

Jim Braude was joined by WGBH Executive Arts Editor Jared Bowen and Brandon Matthews, co-founder of KillerBoomBox.com, to discuss 'The Black Panther,' a film featuring Marvel's first-ever black superhero portrayed on the big screen.