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  • The Museum of Fine Arts Boston 465 Huntington Avenue Boston, MA, 02115 United States (map)
6.27 Shorts 3_Negroland.jpg


Director Jewel McPherson (USA 2018 13:11) 

A young African-American father fights to save the life of his young zombie daughter but before long his valiant attempt  to bring her back becomes a torturous journey that makes him question his own very existence... in the hell that is Flint, Michigan.



Director Drew Phillips (2018 USA 15:32) 

What if a special kind of heroin granted you telekinetic abilities and a super intoxicating high?  In the badlands of Philadelphia, a heroin-plagued neighborhood, Doctor Cosme gives his test-subject Titan a mere amount of hours to make a decision: overcome his 8-year history of addiction and live, or shoot up a super serum a final time and save his neighborhood from a "villain" with the same telekinetic powers.  “Badland” is a superhero drama short film. Titan is a humble do-gooder in a social realist world filled with concrete, graffiti, bare trees, and rubble.




Director Vladimir Minuty (USA 2019 28min)

In the near future cannabis is legal and ubiquitous. Nia, an out of work millennial, hopes to become a social media influencer but when women turn up missing in town she finds herself at the center of a mystery with uncanny origins and no one to turn to.


6.27 Shorts 3_Echoes.jpg


Director Mark Kerins & Elliot Mayen (USA 2019 11:31)

An ordinary family outing becomes a waking nightmare when a young mother loses her children and her search for them forces her to confront the echoes of a past she cannot escape.




Director Chris K. Daniels (USA 2019 8:30)

A man finds himself standing in the midst of a garage, staring off against a creature that only moves when the man sits.


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Director Marshall Gillson (USA 2018 9:27)

A young woman trapped in a claustrophobic white room struggles to learn the nature of her existence by passing notes through a mysterious hatch.