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  • The Museum of Fine Arts Boston (map)
6.28 Shorts 4_No More White Women.jpg

No More White Women

Director Nathan Caywood (USA 2018 4:42)

Zora navigates through the nuances of interracial romance and discovers that the white women he dates are all problematic in their own unique way—or maybe he's the one who's problematic.


6.28 Shorts 4_An Anomalous Love.PNG

An Anomalous Love

Director Reggie Williams (USA 2019 16:31) 

A man in his mid 20's and a woman in her mid 40's navigate a casual relationship 


6.28 Shorts 4_The Runaways.PNG

The Runaways 

Director Dewey A Ortiz, Jr. (USA 2018 21:41) 

Abused and neglected, Kellee attempts to run away with her boyfriend James, only to be chased and cornered by her abusive stepfather Dave who threatens her life and the life of her mother. What follows is a series of events that leads to a violent confrontation with the abusive man who has terrorized her life.


6.28 Shorts 4_My Mistake.jpg

My Mistake

Director Antjuan Ward (USA 2019 19:47)

While being overcome with mixed emotion, Jason sits us down to explain his story. Each part of his story is broken down as he tries to piece together what he is missing. Jason shows us how blind love can really be while the sense of guilt overcome his partner until the potentially fatal end.

6.28 Shorts 4_Iago.jpg


Director Amit Bhalla (USA 2019 20:45)

OTHELLO, William Shakespeare's infamous tale of Jealousy and betrayal is reimagined during the revolutionary experiments of the Black Panther Party.

know me so well.PNG

Know Me So Well

Director Starr Nathan (USA 2019 7:42)

When a Londoner Brooklyn-dweller woman in her late-twenties, realizes her relationship has run its course she must decide to follow her gut or explore a new romance, which sends her on a journey of self-love, regret and heartbreaking consequences.



Director Searit Huluf (USA 2018 9:45)

An amateur female gamer is given a once in a lifetime opportunity to try out for a pro league gaming team, only to be repressed by self-doubt.

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